You can become part of a team of a photographic association in three ways: by becoming a photographer, associate photographer, or by joining one of our support units.

Photographers take part in weekly regular and extraordinary meetings, which, however, is not a prerequisite. They have the right to speak on behalf of the organization and use all the opportunities provided by the center. The process of assigning the applicant the status of a photographer takes three months.

The most active and involved photographers get the opportunity to join the organization’s Council and get the right to participate in its management. Also, photographers must pay membership fees in the amount and in the manner established by the Council of the organization. All young people under the age of 35 living in the territory of Armenia can become photographers.

In order to become a member of BookmarkOften you must fill out this form.

Associate photographers have significantly less responsibilities: they do not have the rights inherent in photographers. They do not have the right to speak on behalf of the organization, take part in meetings, and also do not have the right to manage the organization, but they can publish their articles on the information platforms of the center, including on this site (after appropriate editing). Associate photographers are not required to publish articles of a specific quantity on a specific date, they are free in this regard, however, ceteris paribus, priority in working with articles (translation and editing before publication) is given primarily to the articles of photographers, and only after — to articles of associated photographers. An associate photographer can be a person of any age and nationality. Associate photographers must also pay membership fees in the amounts and in the manner established by the organization’s Council.

If you want to become part of BookmarkOften by submitting your candidacy for an associate photographer, send a photo collage on your chosen topic to our email address ( and please send an application by filling out this one.